Our Projects

Day of Slavic Literature and Art

Today,  April 24, 2016, in the Multnomah County Library we had a great turnout for a day of Slavic literature and art.

Participants, Russian speaking families as well as their English speaking friends and classmates, came to present poems, songs, and other artistic expressions. As the Slavic community assimilates into their new country, it’s always important to remember the roots and preserve the heritage by sharing it with the community. 

Honoring Our Veterans

Meeting with our veterans in Veterans Memorial Park in Beaverton, Oregon. Honoring our veterans in Memorial Day events and with a park bench presented in the honor of the Soviet Veterans.

Conference “Family” 2012

Grand opening of Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc.

This evening was a great example of the first of many events organized by the Slavic Community Center of NW in the future. 

Our fundamental goal – help members of this community become fully functional, well integrated part of the society in every aspect of their life in this country: education, employment, health and wellness, social services, business development, career growth, legal assistance, etc. while preserving their cultural heritage. The Slavic Community Center was designed with all of those aspects of life in mind by creating four major sectors within the center: Social, Educational, Business and Informational.

November 8th, 2016 – Election Day Party

This year the Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc hosted an election day party on the evening of the Presidential Elections 2016. The guests enjoyed coffee, tea, lots of sweets, snacks and great conversation. Proud to exercise the voting privilege of being an American.

8th Annual Slavic Heritage Festival – 2016

Every summer for the last 8 years, in the name of heritage preservation and celebration, Slavic families of the Pacific Northwest gather on the lawns of the Ventura parks. Surrounded by music, home made food, friends, laughter and sunshine, is the best way to spend this summer weekend.
With the help of our many sponsors who made this a successful event, we were able to host over 10, 000 visitors. This is a once a year chance for our local neighbors to learn about our culture as well as get to know their Slavic American friends. Chance to network and spread the word about the community resources through 60+ vendors.

2nd Annual Children’s Holiday Celebration

On December 21, 2016 at the Multnomah County Library, Slavic Community Center of NW, with the support of the sponsors and partners, had an opportunity to organize and implement an evening of what is bound to be an annual tradition of a holiday celebration and gifts for children. Yesterday was a joyful, successful and dynamic evening. We are grateful to our guests and participants for creating such a loving atmosphere, which lasted throughout the entire two hour event.

We wanted to express deepest gratitude to the sponsors of this event: Pacific Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Parklane Mattresses, Columbia Sportswear, MBN Insurance Agency, Accounting Firm of Liza Kaganov, Afisha Advertising Agency, Slavic Family Radio/KXET 1130AM, Premier Euro Market Scarlet SAILS Theater, staff and volunteers of the Slavic Community Center of NW.

Separate “Thank you” to our delectable sponsors: A network of pizzerias Pizza Guys of Gresham and store “Moscow Nights” (A network of stores of European products “Premier”) for the food and snacks provided, which was a pleasant way to spend an evening.

Meetings with various local politicians and public figures

The Slavic Community Center of NW is honored by the presence of various artists, local leaders and politicians. In the past we hosted interviews with various politicians and public figures such as Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, Television presenter Vladimir Vladimirovich Posner, National Ukrainian Artists such as Vasil Nechepa and Bria Blessing,  as well as of local religious leaders Alexei Ledyaev and Vasily Tishchenko.   

Slavic Immigration day/Voters’ Registration – September 14, 2016.

In cooperation with our local community partners in the Multnomah County Elections, we organized and hosted a “registration to vote” event. The Multnomah county elections official presented information about the voting process and the instructions on how to register to vote. The participants of the event were proud Slavic Americans eager to participate in this democratic process.

7th Annual Slavic Heritage Festival 2015

Slavic Community Center of NW with their partners were participating in the 6th annual Slavic Heritage Festival.

Although it was a rainy day, the turnout was still great. We had over 7000 guests and 80-100 vendors who made their way to Lents Park. The goal of the Slavic festival is to share the multi-cultural experience with the locale, as well as to preserve the heritage of various Slavic cultures.